What is Digital Marketing Match and how does it work?

Digital Marketing Match is exclusively provided by RedAwning Group.

What is Digital Marketing Match?

Digital Marketing Match is RedAwning’s Google Ad Program where RedAwning matches your Google Ads spend. You sign up to have a RedAwning SmartSite where bookings can be made for your properties, RedAwning will match your ad spend to drive traffic to your SmartSite, and you pay RedAwning a % of any bookings you receive from a Google Ad.

Why should I want to do this?

The Digital Marketing Match program is great for PMs because it significantly reduces the risk of buying ads with no guaranteed return.  RedAwning cuts risk in half by matching a PM’s ad spend and only charging a commission on actual bookings made.  That way, RedAwning and the PM’s goals are aligned because we’ve shared the risk and share in the reward when bookings result.

How much must I initially invest in this new system?

With the Digital Marketing Match program, you choose how much to invest, and RedAwning will match whatever you choose to spend.  Blizzard Internet Marketing, a RedAwning Brand, and Vacation Rental Digital Marketing agency who expertly manages your Google Ads recommends that you spend at least $500 per month to be successful.

How much is the commission?

The commission is the same as the commission you currently pay RedAwning for the global distribution network. If you are not a RedAwning client, what are you waiting for, Sign Up Today!

How do I know when a booking comes from this program?

Google Ads will drive traffic to the RedAwning SmartSite which is where the bookings will occur.

What happens with booking cancellations and modifications?

Cancellations: if the user cancels on the website, no commission is charged. If a cancellation occurs through other channels or no-shows, you will indicate it in the monthly booking review, and no commission will be charged.
Booking modifications: in the monthly review, if you note a booking modification, you will be charged the commission of the modified value. You have 30 days to review your bookings. After this period of time, RedAwning will charge the commissions that correspond to your non-cancelled bookings.

Will I see these bookings in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is attached to the SmartSite where bookings take place.  Weekly or monthly dashboard reports can be sent directly to your inbox so that you can monitor your Google Ads performance.

I’m already investing in Google CPC. Should I switch to this model?

If you are running paid ads to your direct website, we recommend that you do not do both this program and your existing paid ad program. You need to pause your current paid ad campaigns to participate in this program.

How does invoicing work?

You will be invoiced by Blizzard Internet Marketing, A RedAwning Group Brand for your portion of the ad spend.

Is this the Hotel Ads program I have heard about?

No. This program is different from Google Hotel Ads.

Can I apply Digital Marketing Match to bookings on my direct website?

No. At this time, the Digital Match program is only available to those on a RedAwning SmartSite.  If you’d like assistance with your Digital Marketing on your current website, or need a new website with Digital Marketing management included, contact Blizzard Internet Marketing.

How do I sign up?

If you are a RedAwning client, all you need to do is notify your account manager. If you’re not a client, you will need to sign up to be a RedAwning client.